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 BNI opposed to new media law

Burma News International which consist of various ethnics media groups, opposes the new media law submitted by the Ministry of Information to the People’s Parliament.

“Printers and Publishers Registration Law has allowed the Ministry of Information to control the freedom of media agencies. This can be damaged the right to freedom of the press.”  BNI development officer Nan Pawt Gay said.

BNI believes that ‘Printers and Publishers Registration Law’ is enforcing the restrictions upon Myanmar media development. Under this law, the Ministry of Information would maintain the authority to issue publication licenses as well as revoke or terminate licenses for those who violate rules proposed in the bill.

“It is unacceptable to prescribe specific media registration in a transition of democratic change. This law can especially hurt the ethnic media development which is just on its fledgling stage. It will give the Local governments the power to restrict the ethnic media by using various pretexts such as security reasons.” Khine Myrat Kyaw, one of BNI member editor defends the ethnic rights.
 ‘The Printers and Publishers Registration Law’ was introduced shortly after the 1962 military-coup led by the late Gen.Ne Win. Afterward, the press freedom had no place in Burma for decades.