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Chin National Day: the great and firm characteristic of Chin people

Every race has a national symbol or remarkable or respected or historical day. February 20, 2010 was Chin National Day. It was an historically significant.....

Every race has a national symbol or remarkable or respected or historical day. February 20, 2010 was Chin National Day. It was an historically significant day in Chin history.  

Under Chin rulers (Taung Pai, Taung Oak), Chin people lived independently in their own territory for many years. After Burma became a British colony, Chin leaders cooperated with Gen. Aung San by leading central Burmese groups, Kachin, Shan, etc and successfully gained independence from the British.  

On February 12, 1947, Gen. Aung San and ethnic leaders signed the ‘Pang Long’ agreement, in Pang Long town, Shan State. The Pang Long agreement granted equality of ethnic rights. It is called the “Union Day”.  

A year after Chin leaders signed the “Pang Long” agreement with other ethnic leaders, there was a dynamic change in Chin history. The first Chin national convention was held on 17-20 February 1948. Over five thousand Chin representatives attended the convention. At the convention, these representatives successfully abolished the feudal system and established a new independent and democratic society.

On October 9, 1950, the Chin Affairs Council established February 20th as Chin National Day.

The first Chin National Day was held in 1951, in Minn Taup town, southern Chin State. At that time, U Nu, the Prime Minister of the Union of Burma, and other ethnic ministers, attended the Chin National Day celebration.  

February 20, 2010 was the 62th anniversary of Chin National Day. In other words, Chin people abolished the feudal system and adopted a democratic system 62 years ago.  

Chin people have a historical duty to celebrate Chin National Day on February 20 wherever they are, Chin political leader, Dr. Lian Hmung Sakong, said on the 62nd anniversary.  

"The main idea to hold Chin National Day is that Chin people are a God created people and proving the world as chosen to live in Chin state ('Chin Ram' in Chin language). Therefore, Chin people — wherever they are — must hold the Chin National Day on February 20th. We are one of the races. Today as we are showing off the existence of our Chin race to the world. Thus, Chin National Day is great and firm character among our own national characters," Dr. Salai Lian Hmumg also said of Chin National Day.  

However, even though a democratic system was established by Chin leaders 62 years ago, currently Chin people haven't got any benefit from it, Dr. Salai Lian Hmung continued.  

"We have to grasp the sharpness and firm Chin national character when we are struggling for restoring democracy. In other words, we will fight for restoring democracy by using Chin national character — a starter of democracy — as our political arms," he said.

Even though Chin National Day can be freely celebrated abroad, Burma’s military regime doesn't allow holding "Chin National Day" in inside Burma. It only allows  celebration of "Chin State Day".

The Burmese Socialist Programme Party (BSPP) adopted a new constitution in 1974. According to Article 30, section B, Chin Hills Special Division became Chin State. After that, the BSPP regime did not allow holding "Chin National Day" on February 20. Since that time, the regime only allowed holding "Chin State Day" instead of Chin National Day.  

The aim of changing the holding of Chin National Day to Chin State Day by consecutive military regimes is that it's attempting to purge the Chin patriotic spirit and nationalities. We totally condemn it, as mentioned in a statement of the Mara People Party (Liberated Area) on the recent 62nd anniversary of Chin National Day.  

"The emerging of Chin National Day and Chin State Day are totally unrelated. Chin National Day was established after five thousand Chin leaders abolished the feudal system in the convention on 20 February 1948, in Pha Lang town. The democratic system was adopted since that day. February 20th, was called Chin National Day. Chin State Day has emerged in accordance with the 1974 Constitution. Therefore, these two days are absolutely different," said Dr. Salai Shwe Khar, General Secretary of the Chin National Front (CNF).

He said the military regime acknowledges Chin State Day instead of Chin National Day  inside Burma because they want to destroy the existence of Chin people as a national race.  

"Chin National Day is proving that Chin exist as a national race. I think the SPDC is trying to destroy that," he added.

“The military regime should hold Chin State Day on January 3rd, to mark the day the BSPP regime changed the Chin Hills Special Division to Chin State, in 1974. February 20th, can’t be called Chin State Day,” Dr. Salai Lian Hmung said.

"Chin State Day, which was organized by the military regime, can not be represented for Chin people. February 20th, Chin National Day, will only be represented for Chin people,” Dr. Salai Lian Hmung said. .  

“Therefore, our holding of Chin National Day is fair, just and true. The truth and commitment will help us to be free.”